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T H E  M E A S U R E M E N T O F  S O U L S 

A  M I N D S  D I A R Y

Life’s a ride. Please keep all love, compassion and positive energy inside the carriage at all times. Thank you.

The Measurement of Souls is a book for anyone feeling a little lost or out of place. It’s for anyone feeling like the jigsaw piece that just can’t find another to click into. It is a book for ordinary people and is the candid gateway into the mind of a young, everyday girl. Exploring themes of love, loss and living life, it aims to bring new perspectives to light and eradicate loneliness.

One thing the education system fails to teach is that it’s okay not to be okay. We are not educated on how to go into ourselves and operate on our inner workings or how to salvage oneself from hurt.

In the form of a poetic diary, learn that you are not the only one struggling. With comedy, use of everyday references and even quick quotes, let The Measurement of Souls not only be a book to read, but an aid to keep you strong.

Q u e s t i o n & A n s w e r s

Why did you want to start writing this book?

This book was never actually intended to be a book.

Weird, right? 

I genuinely started writing to clear my head and as a form of self expression. It eventually became a manuscript.

What is your favourite part of the book?

It varies.

But, one piece I'm very attached to is 'Dear Grandad...' which is extremely personal.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who feels a bit lost, is open to benefitting from the experiences of another and has an open mind.

What inspired you to write the book?

My inspiration came from, predominately, my experiences, things I'd spoke to others about and my own thoughts.

The thought behind it is that it will hopefully help someone somewhere to not feel so alone in their own mind.