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Viva Las Vegas!

September 13, 2017

Our home for a week was the most hyped, hip and happenin’ place in the World. Was it worth the big bucks though?


It’s my sister’s birthday next week! To celebrate her Earthly arrival, she decided she wanted to trip to Las Vegas for 5 nights of vegas-y fun.


Staying at the coveted Mirage hotel, we were situated at the top of the strip and after seeing 90% of the hotels on Las Vegas Blvd, we unanimously agreed we’d selected the best hotel for us (if we do say so ourselves).

            We managed to see the whole boulevard, as well as Old Vegas and the Freemont Street Experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to host a killer photoshoot at the Neon Museum or see the Grand Canyon. Wallet warning: The Grand Canyon tours are very expensive so, look for deals or maybe book in advance.

            My favourite things to do in the States are to find the nearest Carlo’s Bakery (yum), get all the awesome food we don’t have in the UK and shop! We managed to do all three between gambling machines, zip wiring and spinning around in flamingo pool floats.

Top tips, warnings and advice:

  • Given the current zeitgeist of racial wars, we did experience some slight racism which was highly disappointing and very disheartening

  • Don’t go during the Summer period – try aim for the Autumn time. A taxi driver told us the best time to visit Vegas is the end of September

  • Take a hat, light clothes and good walking shoes to be able to cope with the blazing Sun and millions of steps undertaken a day

  • Read hotel reviews and definitely look at customer pictures

  • Listen to party reps! They’ll be able to get you on the guestlist and free entries, instead of paying for no reason

and most importantly...

  • ALCOHOL IN CASINOS IS FREE (but honestly, please drink responsibly and be safe, my friends)

Overall, the trip was awesome and seeing Vegas in person is not what I thought it would be at all. All us travel bunnies would 100% recommend you go at least once in your lives!


Where to next?! Keep posted. #VegasBaby

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