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The Time I Made Myself Into a Human Raspberry Ripple

August 30, 2017

I am in love with red hair and how sassy it can look. It seems like a woman with red hair is unstoppable, super cool and is always on fire (not literally, of course).


I have a problem. The first step is admitting right?


When I’m bored, I change my hair.


After a series of bad haircuts, wrong decisions and hunting down a good hairdresser, I opt for dying my hair instead of cutting it all off. I’ve had every cut from long locks to pixie cuts and the infamous Rihanna inverted bob!


I hadn’t dyed my hair this year which was a massive accomplishment. But after seeing so many funky women rocking crazy coloured hair, I wanted to get in on the action. I dragged my parents to Tesco (who’s gonna advise me better than my besties?) and stood staring at all the pretty models on the boxes for a good 5 minutes.


I finally decided that I wanted to go red… Raspberry Rebel, if you’re being technical. So thanks to trusty Schwarzkopf LIVE Ultra Brights, I am a half raspberry headed little girl. P.S. It’s a semi-permanent dye and will wash out in around 12-15 washes.

The bottom half of my hair is already bleached and later lightened due to colours I’ve had in the past so, the raspberry clung on a little better than it would on my grown out, natural roots. Because of this, I decided to create a little homemade ombre on myself in the comfort of my bathroom and wrapped in my Mum’s towel which is now covered in red marks – sorry Momma.


Ok, so do I have any tips, things to share or advice?


Not really. If you’ve dyed your hair yourself, it’s pretty much the same thing. I always follow the instructions that come with the dye.


However, I changed a few things. They sometimes suggest dying your hair whilst wet – which I never do. Always dry hair. I’m no hairdresser so, I could be completely wrong but, hey ho, it’s always worked just as well on dry hair.

I ended up emptying the dye onto a paper plate (a Disney princess one) and mixing in my normal conditioner; I added about a quarters worth of the dye. This made my hair super soft after rinsing it all out and was a well-needed little treatment.


As I wanted to create an ombre effect, I simply added dye – using my hands – to an inch section of my hair by running it downwards. I used more dye at the bottoms so the ends of my hair will be brighter and continuously pulled down the colours towards the tops so it would wash out looking fainter and more blended. Did any of that make sense? Regardless, it may have been slightly easier if I had a comb.


I don’t have ridiculously long hair but I found I had just enough to create my ombre. If you have long hair and want to dye all of your hair, I would suggest buying two boxes.


A lot of the colour washes out in the shower and is still staining towels so, do be weary of using fresh white towels – not the best idea. And I can still smell the dye in my hair after a few washes which isn’t my favourite thing about it.


Overall, I am a big fan of Schwarzkopf products (although I still struggle pronouncing it) and loved the dye. The colour is super vivid and glistens in the light and doesn’t look cheap either, as some dyes can. My hair feels healthy still and I’d had no problems with skin irritation, skin staining or over-damaged hair.


I’m definitely ready to try more colours soon! Which should I try next? #ManeInsane

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