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We Are ALL Wonder Women

July 4, 2017

But Gal Gadot is our leader. We will follow her wherever she goes and do what she tells us.


Hands up if you too think Ms Gadot is probably the most beautiful woman you’re ever going to see in your life? Also, if you haven’t been to see Wonder Woman yet – shame on you. And no, you do not have to have seen Batman vs. Superman to understand the film.

 As a big Wonder Woman fan from a young age, due to my Mum being an even bigger fangirl, I was introduced to Lynda Carter as the Amazonian superhero (she too is a beauty). I was admittedly extremely curious to see what the 2017 version would be like and how the story would unravel.


Here’s a basic summary with no spoilers: Amazonian princess Diana lives sheltered by her mother and fellow people until she meets American pilot Steve. He tells her of the great World War and she decides to leave her island behind to fight alongside the men and end the war for good.


Slight spoiler: She learns along the way that she is a complete BADASS.


Obvious from all the promos: the suit is AWESOME. I mean – who kicks ass and ends wars in heels? (I think I have to be her for Halloween now.)


Unfortunately, there was no invisible jet but, we do get to see some killer action with her Lasso of Truth! Indiana Jones eat your heart out.

Want some trivia? Good because here it comes…


  • Gal Gadot was actually five months pregnant when filming some parts of the film! Her costume had to be remade with a green screen on her baby bump to make her look thinner afterwards


  • Protagonist Gal Gadot had no idea what she was auditioning for when she went for the role – only when she got the part was it known to her she was going to be Wonder Woman


  • It is the first dominantly female superhero movie since Elektra in 2005


  • Director Patty Jenkins is the first ever woman to direct a superhero film lead by another woman


  • It grossed a whopping $103,251,471 in the USA on it’s opening weekend


All fun facts and joking aside, the film truly is a masterpiece full of beautiful scenery, wicked fight scenes and most importantly, STRONG WOMEN. If there is any film I’d recommend to every female on Earth to watch, there is truly nothing that will empower you or make you more proud to be a woman than this cinematic gem.


 Is she your new fave superhero? Are you wanting to see more of Diana soon? I know I am! #WonderWoman


Picture and video sourced from Twitter.

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