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Kim vs. Kanye

June 23, 2017

The World’s most controversial and publicised couple are complete fashion goals. Both having their own killer lines, awesome swag and friendships with designers, who is the reigning fashion royalty?


It’s safe to say that I am obsessed with both Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. Individually they are highly successful, great businesspeople and attract a lot of media. Together, they are world dominant.


Kim has been a style icon for a while and has pretty much always been in the field. From being a stylist to the stars to owning her own lines with her famous sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, people want to look like her.

The KKW style has been categorised as casual chic, using earthy tones and simple glam. She is effortlessly (from what we see) beautiful and has gotten more and more stripped back over recent years.


Mr West opts for a baggier fit, muted colour tones and distressed looks. His Yeezy lines are beloved by his fans and more, and there are high street copies everywhere.


The idea of doing of Kim vs. Kanye lookbook randomly came to me one day and I knew I just had to do it. As a fan of them both, it was easy to pick pieces that resembled their style but extremely intimidating to do – not that either of them would probably ever see this.


So, without further a-do…


For Kim’s first look, I went for a chic everyday look. Tucking in a black vest top into some dark skinny jeans, I created a lunch look. Topping it off with a khaki bomber jacket and my Primark version Yeezys, it adds the slight West touch. I went for muted makeup and straight hair with a middle part to resemble hers.

Disclaimer: I know she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I certainly am not. This is just a fan-girl appreciation post.


Look number 2 for Kimberly was inspired by her look at the Impact Awards 2017. She went for a sleek pony, nude makeup and a lip ring – which is exactly what I tried to recreate. Unfortunately, I don’t have a white ball-gown laying around so, I went for a bodycon, nude cold-shoulder dress instead.

My looks for Yeezus were a tad difficult as he’s a man – and I’m not. Duh.


Outfit 1 used my long pale pink hoodie and knee high boots to create a grungy vibe. Again, I used my khaki bomber for an added Kanye feel and opted for a more no-makeup makeup look, like the models at his shows.

My second look used my Kanye-inspired ‘Who’s Pablo?’ t-shirt dress with my long boots again. I threw over a camouflage print jacket to recreate the military vibes of the Yeezus lines and edged up the makeup with darker eyes and a vampy red lip.

 All-in-all, this was great fun. I was able to channel two of my favourite celebs and put the swags of husband and wife against each other in my own way.


Let me know what you think. Did this suck? Are there any other famous couples I should put to the swag test? #KimVsKanye

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