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Glow Baby, Glow!

February 15, 2018

Highlighter is the best thing since sliced bread. Makeup feens everywhere are smothering themselves with a fierce glow and shining for miles.




Phew, glad I got that out there first. ;) It’s just so stunning and makes you feel glowing from within as well as all over your face. Millions of makeup brands stopped everything they were doing to compete for the best, brightest and boldest glow. Well, that’s a bit dramatic but, it’s my theory. I cannot believe how excitedly fast I am typing right now.


My highlighter collection is growing rapidly and I’m obsessed with each and every one. Here’s some top tips and things I’ve learnt, which are all tried and tested by yours truly:


1. Highlighter comes on easier over concealer

From watching a million YouTube tutorials a day, LustreLux mentioned how she prefers putting highlighter on after doing her face base. This is because powders dry out the skin so highlighter won’t sit as nicely.


Whereas, the wetter texture of a concealer will act as a sticky base for the highlight to cling to and last longer.


2. The wetter the brush, the more you’ll glow

Using a normal, dry brush to apply highlighter looks great. But, I’ve found dampening the brush with water or a setting spray aids the product to last longer and intensifies the colour.


3. It’s not just for the cheeks

Typically, people use highlighter on the high point of their cheeks. Just putting it there can leave the rest of the skin looking a tad awkward and dull.


For a fuller glowing look, I use highlighter on my cheeks, peek of my nose, under by brows and on my cupid’s bow (this makes the lips look fuller).


4. Highlighter Concoctions create delicious results

I do not mean drink or consume it.


Mixing colours of highlighters is great fun and almost acts as a highlight contour. Using a darker tone then add a lighter one slightly above will add more depth to your face and look leave more of a natural sun-kissed finish.

From left to right: Anastasia Beverly Hills in So Hollywood, I <3 Make-Up in Summer of Love, The Balm in Mary Lou-Manizer, MUA in Iridescent Gold, Revolution in Gold Addict and Topshop in Horizon. 


5. Fingers work just as well as a brush

Finding the perfect highlighter brush took me a while. I didn’t know how I felt about fan brushes, despite them looking super cute.


Scouring through my existing brushes and trying them all out, I once ended up using my index finger to apply it and that was a go-to method for me for a while. It saves taking a million brushes out in your make-up bag and leaves a more precise finish.


6. Don’t sleep on high-street brands

Anastasia and Artist Couture may be the reigning brands of highlighter but, don’t cancel out high-street names just yet.


MUA do the most beautiful, pigmented products whilst the likes of Maybelline and Rimmel have created stunning liquid illuminators and other stunning, yet cheap, glow-promising products.


7. Prime with a Liquid Highlighter

You prime your face and eyes so, why not your highlighter? Liquid highlighters themselves add a sheen to the skin and a smooth base to top with powder highlighter.


8. Always apply in good lighting

Doing your make-up in bad lighting can result in off-colours, misjudged pigmentation and a scarily dramatic look.


Applying highlighter in some good light in important to see how much sheen and shine you’re applying. Moving your face around slightly is helpful also as you can see how it looks from different angles.


Never underestimate the power of the glow.


9. Find a colour that works for your skin colour

Most highlighters suit all skin tones but, some look extra poppin’ on certain races. For example, I think yellow-gold highlighter look gorgeous on darker babes and ice white looks awesome on fairer girls.


Being slightly toasted, I opt for white-gold and golden tones to add a dark glisten to my face and I have always preferred a bronze glow.


10. There’s no such thing as ‘too much highlighter’

If anyone ever tells you you’re wearing too much highlighter, cut them off. You don’t need those kind of people in your life, Honey.


Glow as much as you want and as much as you can. If it makes you feel comfortable, wear none or a little. Or if you feel more confident drenched in a shine and want to give the Sun a run for her money, sparkle away.


Show me your highlight game or put me onto a product I need to have. #GlowBabyGlow

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