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by Nikita Murva

What's this all about, Nicki?

On 31 May 2015, I fainted - resulting with three teeth cut up and a sliced open lip. I was left with a scar on my lip for almost two years until I had reconstructive surgery in December 2016.


This section is focused on self-love, self-affirmation, eradicating insecurities and encouraging people to be open about their scars and love them. 

I know first hand that it's a difficult journey but, if we take it hand-in-hand, it won't feel as lonely.

Check out my full story below or type 'Scarred by Nikita Murva' into YouTube.

So I decided to become my own counsellor interior designer and fix up my room, in order to fix up my happiness! Do my ideas work for you though? Hmm...

Recently an old school friend contacted me and we started to talk about how we make ourselves feel better when days are a downer and life feels a tad bit unbearable. I decided that my little tricks may be beneficial for others so thought why not ramble on about it for 13 minutes...

This is hands down one of the most difficult monologues I have conducted. Please keep your minds and souls open.

Hi I'm Nikita and I suffer from Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia.

I felt a strong urge to document this a long time ago and it basically became the backbone of my writing, this website and my evolving work ethic.

You never believe you would obtain these labels, until you have to accept the fact that your stubborn butt...

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