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For anyone spending some time in Birmingham, I would highly recommend going to Ghetto Golf and releasing your inner trap star.

Placed in The Custard Factory, it is a graffitied building hidden away. It has 18 holes and settings including on a bus, in a trap living room...

Our home for a week was the most hyped, hip and happenin’ place in the World. Was it worth the big bucks though?

It’s my sister’s birthday next week! To celebrate her Earthly arrival, she decided she wanted to trip to Las Vegas for 5 nights of vegas-y fun.

Staying at the...

I am in love with red hair and how sassy it can look. It seems like a woman with red hair is unstoppable, super cool and is always on fire (not literally, of course).

I have a problem. The first step is admitting right?

When I’m bored, I change my hair.

After a series of...

But Gal Gadot is our leader. We will follow her wherever she goes and do what she tells us.

Hands up if you too think Ms Gadot is probably the most beautiful woman you’re ever going to see in your life? Also, if you haven’t been to see Wonder Woman yet – shame on you. A...

Given to me as a birthday gift, this colouring book has been a life-saver when I've needed a stress reliever.

Sacred Symbols is full of spiritual, religious and calming symbols. 

Being hardback, the book is easier to store and the pages stay firmly in line. I have other...

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