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The first two sections of this piece were printed in the book, Totem.

Asian Persuasion

I was on the train last week, a 45-minute stretch from Uxbridge to King’s Cross, with my little pink iPod as my only companion. I walked through the long mirroring carriages toward the...

London, England

London was a city of madness. She never slept. Her residents were from the deepest corners of the world. She stood tall, in her capital glory, represented by many fragmented areas of her whole being. She was abundant with culture and light but, something...

God bless good Indian girls. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Ready for this? Brace yourself, kid.. 

In order to be ‘well behaved’, you must grow up in the shadow of your female ancestors. You must remain patient, pretty and passive. Seen and not hear...

‘Home’. It can be where you live, where you’re from or home may be a person.

Shit. I have 50 different ideas and not one of them is expanding into a story in my head. Should I write about India? Well, how can you do that Nicki? You’ve never been in your tiny 20 years of...

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