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That’s a lot of capitals but unfortunately that’s how the companies like it to look. The real big thing is this collab though - what’s inside?

So, Chanel’s Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld, teamed up with Australian ModelCo to bring this limited GLOSSYBOX to us Glossies.

Inside the glossy black box, embossed with Lagerfeld’s signature side-portrait, is £117 worth of products as follows:

Lip Couture Lipstick in Red

The deluxe mini...

Kylie Jenner is one of the most loved, hated, controversial and talked about person of her generation. No wonder she made a business out of it.

The era of Kylie is upon us and she is soaking in every minute of it. Who could blame her? She’s young, beautiful and a very smart business-woman. She turned the controversy of her lips into a worldwide cosmetics line and branched even further with eyeshadows, eyeliners and more.


Affordable, creamy and shades for all skin tones, W7 is a brand every woman should try.

I recently learned, via their website, that W7 was invented in West London (home of my second home, Brunel University!) by two men who believed ‘every woman should have access to an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price’. Sounds like a mission I can get on board with.


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I am in love with red hair and how sassy it can look. It seems like a woman with red hair is unstoppable, super cool and is always on fire (not literally, of course).

I have a problem. The first step is admitting right?

When I’m bored, I change my hair.

After a series of bad haircuts, wrong decisions and hunting down a good hairdresser, I opt for dying my hair instead of cutting it all off. I’ve had every cut from long locks to p...

Everybody’s wiggin’ out because I got a wig! But, I seem to have had a lot of people fooled. How did I do it you ask? Keep reading…

So, recently I wasn’t feeling myself. I wasn’t happy with my appearance, my mood and was basically just a bit bored. When my student loan dropped and I had a couple more pounds to spare, I thought why not treat myself to something a bit more fun? So I did and I purchased a wig.

After a lot of delibe...

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Skincare is extremely vital. You can’t get new skin. Keep yours healthy, clean and fresh by starting as soon as possible and never forgetting your regime.

Everyone’s skin is different. You may be oily, dry or combination. You may have acne or pigmentation. You may have super sensitive skin. Whatever it may be, these are basic textbook tips for everyone – male or female.

Always wear SPF

When it’s 2 degrees or 30 degrees, wear sun...

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