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just a spiritual so(u)ldier with a writer’s ambition

Writer. Reader. Listener. Lover. Fighter. Spiritual gangster.

Stay blessed and stay fly

Who on Earth is Nikita Murva?

*Runs into your peripheral vision waving* Me!

Hello there, friend. I'm Nikita Murva and I'm a 20-something year old (luckily I won't have to change that for the next decade) writer and basically, all of the stuff I've  -humbly- called myself above.

This website was launched June 09, 2017 in the name of my late Grandfather and remains a piece of my mind, heart and soul - and some fun too.

Trying to launch myself into being a big girl, as I will NEVER be comfortable with referring to myself as a 'woman', in the real world  - this site is almost a diary and photo album of my life experiences, thoughts and interests.

t a k e  a  l o o k  a r o u n d . . .
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May 2, 2018

March 23, 2018

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